The bird of fire is a symbol of hope and ability to survive


In Greek mythology he was called Phoenix which means a dark purple color - red brown
The Greek tale about the wonderful Phoenix says there is a unique bird, big and colorful, place somewhere in the blazing desert. It lives 1000 years old and when it feels tired and weak, it throws itself into the fire burned and the ashes it grows up again fresh and young.
The Phoenix is a symbol of hope and ability to survive. It is the symbol the insistence despite the difficulties and the refusal to give up.
Roman legend also tells about a unique bird, Phoenix, fed by spices, every 500 years it is building a nest lined with myrrh and cinnamon where it dies. A new Phoenix is born from its dead remains. Egyptian mythology tells of a sacred bird called the Benno, it is renewable every 500 years and represents the god of the sun "Ra". The Benno crow symbolizes the sun rise and it is also a symbol of sun which was born in the morning and died that evening.
China tells of a bird named Feng. It is affiliated with with "male” Yang, with fire and sun. At the same time described as a bird Feng - Huang associated with "Lane", is feminine and delicate symbol of the moon, transformation, rebirth disappearance. In Judaism, one of the legends of the sages tells of a similar bird.
This bird did not taste the fruit of Tree of Knowledge and won eternal life and every 1000 years it is renewed back as a teenager.
Sanhedrin tells Noah and his sons who bothered day and night feeding all beings in the box, including chicken was also named Orsina, according to Rashi this is Phoenix, who went to get its food. Noah's question why it did not come and the bird replied that it did not wanted to add trouble to Noah and his sons, so Noha blessed the bird with eternal life. Early Christian tradition adopted the phoenix as a symbol of immortality and resurrection.

According to the Chinese Feng Shui, the Phoenix represents the direction which the house is facing and through it the tenants get the space and the vision in their lives. From this direction come opportunities.

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